"if i hear one more person call it trixie i will kill somebody" @troye i will fight you on this

dont worry guys just listen to the 9 minute loop of happy little pill 1120 times and then the actual song will come out!!

when marcus posts a selfie and youre like “damn niomis lucky” but you think of niomi and youre like “dAMN MARCUS’ LUCKY”

feeling like complete shit when district lines finally loads and when you press add to cart you find out that it doesnt ship to your country lol :) literally fts tho haha

august last year troye came out august this year troye is releasing his first ep bye

sick and tired of ppl looking CUTE as HECK in the trxye jumper and i cant do anything about it because i!! wasnt!! at!! vidcon!! this is a democracy I DEMAND WORLD PEACE


well i would describe tyler’s hair colour as “a light shade of the tumblr reblog button”

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